Realiser A16: real 3D audio headphone processor

Pre-sale Offer:

US$1795 + shipping + taxes

This represents a 20% discount on the estimated online retail price of US$2295 + taxes + shipping. This offer will close on the 30th September 2017.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before you apply to our pre-sales deposit scheme.

Realiser A16 Pre-sale Offer Schedule

1) By 30 September 2017 pay US$700 deposit.

2) By 14 October 2017 pay balance of US$1095 + shipping + taxes.

3) Oct-Nov 2017 estimated product shipping window

For more information about Realiser A16, visit our Kickstarter Campaign

Realiser A16 Pre-Sale Offer: Terms and Conditions

Effective 1 July 2017

By using the Smyth Research website to submit a pre-sales deposit and/or pay your final balance, you agree to be bound by these terms. As of 1 July 2017, the online retail price for the Realiser A16 is estimated at US$2295 (excluding taxes and shipping). For the period 1 July through to 30 September 2017 Smyth Research Ltd is offering the Realiser A16 at a discounted price of US$1795 (excluding taxes and shipping) under a pre-sale deposit scheme.

Estimated shipping of Realiser A16 purchased under this scheme is Q4 2017. To take up this offer you are required initially to make a single US$700 deposit, as part payment, and then to pay the balance on or before the 14 October 2017. The balance will comprise US$1095, shipping and insurance charges to your address and any taxes/VAT, where applicable. Applicable taxes/VAT will be calculated on the entire purchase cost including shipping. Within one month after the 30 September 2017 deadline we will contact you to confirm your shipping address.

You may ask for your deposit to be refunded in full at any time prior to paying the final balance. Once you pay the final balance then this amount and the deposit are deemed non-refundable and you will be shipped the Realiser A16 once it goes into production.

The Realiser A16 is in the final phase of development and although we plan to ship all Realiser A16s purchased under this pre-sale scheme in Q4 2017, the actual shipping may be delayed significantly. We believe the specification of the Realiser A16 will be close to that documented on our website but it may change significantly up to the time of shipping. We reserve the right to alter our online retail price estimate at any time. We reserve the right to offer other promotional pre-sales schemes from time to time at terms that may differ from this pre-sale offer. We reserve the right to cancel this pre-sale offer at any time, in which case all monies will be refunded in full.

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