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November 2012 It's All in Your Head

Lorr Kramer of Smyth Research is interviewed by Scott Wilkinson.


Sound on Sound

July 2013 Virtual Speaker Monitoring System

February 2013 Smyth Research Realiser A8 Headphone Audio Processor Reviewed

Positive Feedback

December 2012 Writer's Choice Award

October 2012 Summertime savior plus the Smyth Realiser A8

Positive Feedback

September/October 2012 Smyth Research Realiser A8

"In all my experiences as an audiophile, I've never encountered as significant an advance in audio reproduction as Smyth Research's Realiser A8 and its SVS processing."

March 2012 AXPONA 2012 Show Report

Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

March 2012 AXPONA 2012: Smyth Research’s Realiser


March 2012 Smyth Research Recreates Audio Nirvana


February 2012 Headphone Heaven at Audio High


April 2011 AXPONA Atlanta

Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile

February 2011 It Will Blow Your Mind: a Date with the Smyth Realiser

"...the best thing I've heard in audio all year."

January 2011 Product of the Year

" advancement that may completely change how we listen to music and watch video...."


November 2010 Music in the Round

"Multichannel recordings were so compelling that I periodically had to remove the 'phones just to convince myself that they were the actual source of this wonderful illusion."

September 2010 Headphone Potential Realised

"So how well does the unit work? In a word, outstanding!!!"

August 2010 Smyth Research Realiser A8 Headphone Surround Simulator

" really knocked my socks off."


July 2010 Smyth Realiser A8: Perfect surround sound over headphones

"When I heard the Realiser A8 do surround for the first time, I whipped the headphones off in disbelief. Wow!"


Head-Fi Forum Long awaited Smyth SVS Realiser NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

"Doing the SVS demo and knowing immediately that all of those great things I had read about the Smyth system and technology were more true than I could have imagined!" Wmcmanus, 05-11-2009


Head-Fi forum Smyth Virtual Surround Technology for Headphones

Smyth Research's Smyth Virtual Surround Technology really stole the show for me at CanJam" ... Edwood, 05-06-2008

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