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Smyth Research, with laboratories in Bangor, Northern Ireland UK, was founded in 2004. The company engages in research and development related to hearing and sound reproduction in three dimensions. Our present work is focused on virtual sound reconstruction of real sound fields. The potential of headphones in this application has never been fully realised, untill now.


Stephen Smyth, Ph.D. is the inventor of the Realiser and the SVS technology it employs.  He is the founder and chief officer of Smyth Research.  In addition to expertise in digital audio signal processing, he has a strong entrepreneurial background, and has a proven record of taking inventions from the laboratory through to commercial success.

In 1988, he founded and ran Audio Processing Technology Ltd in order to market the apt-X100 coding algorithm developed during his post graduate research. This algorithm was subsequently chosen by Digital Theater Systems (DTS) for their cinema audio playback system that premiered with Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park

After leaving APT in 1994, he founded AlgoRhythmic Technology Ltd in order to develop new coding technologies. He was the principal inventor of the Coherent Acoustics algorithm and formed and headed a joint venture with DTS to commercialise the algorithm in the consumer market. In 1995 he joined DTS as Technical Director and successfully promoted the algorithm to the DVD standards consortium as an alternate optional standard.

In 2001 he left DTS and founded ILD Networks Ltd to develop low-delay audio codecs for wide-band speech communication.

In 2004 he founded Smyth Research LLC to promote and market the SVS algorithm, his latest invention.

Dr Smyth graduated Queens University, Belfast, in 1985, B.Sc. (1st class Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Ph.D. in 1990 (Electrical & Electronic Engineering). He has nine published patents in the field of audio coding.

Mike Smyth, Ph.D. is co-founder of Smyth Research and promotes SVS in the professional market within the framework of our core consumer licensing strategy.


His career began in academic research for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, at Chalk River Nuclear Labs, until joining APT in 1991 to research and develop new audio codecs and applications.

Whilst at APT he moved into technical sales, setting up and running the APT sales office in Los Angeles and establishing enduring relationships with DTS, Pacific Bell and other end-users of the apt-X codec. He was a co-inventor of the Coherent Acoustics algorithm, joined DTS in 1995, and was involved in the promotion and technical presentations of this algorithm to the DVD consortium. In 1997 he left DTS but continued working as a consultant.

In 2004 he co-founded Smyth Research LLC to promote and market the SVS algorithm.

Dr Smyth graduated B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics from Manchester University in 1983, and Ph.D. (Atomic Laser Physics) University of Glasgow in 1987. He has published five patents.


Steve Cheung handles all aspects of the consumer licensing process and the design, manufacture and marketing of all products. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Mr Cheung has a strong technical background, allied to managerial, marketing and licensing skills.


After graduating B.Sc. (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 1984, University of Strathclyde, Mr Cheung joined Honeywell's Solid State Applications Centre, Motherwell, Scotland as a research engineer.


In 1987 he worked for Dowty Electronics Ltd, Newbury, a modem manufacturer, as an applications engineer supporting sales departments. He worked with the R&D team and their European clients, and had their modems certified/approved in Norway, Denmark and France.


In 1989 he joined Analog Devices Ltd, Newbury, as technical marketing engineer in their European marketing division to promote DSPs to the telecommunications equipment manufacturers worldwide.


He joined APT Ltd, Belfast, in 1991 as a sales and marketing manager, successfully promoted the apt-X100 audio data compression technology to manufacturers around the world in various applications such as Satellite communications, PC storage of audio files for Radio stations etc. Digital Theater Systems (DTS) was one of their key clients. In 1993 he became operations manager for the Belfast based company.




In 1996 he joined DTS as Licensing Director, involved in licensing Coherent Acoustics to A/V manufacturers worldwide. In 1997 he left DTS but continued working as a consultant.


Mr. Cheung joined Smyth Research LLC in 2004 to promote the SVS algorithm..




Lorr Kramer engages in a range of activities promoting and refining the company's products.


Mr Kramer worked at the JBL loudspeaker company for seven years in product development.  He has held positions at Ashton-Tate (database and other software) and at global satellite operator Comsat.


As a partner, he managed Mathematical Systems Design, an engineering company providing digital signal processing solutions for radio-frequency spectrum analysis and professional audio applications.


He worked at DTS for twelve years, beginning as part of the small team assembled to launch DTS into the consumer market.  As Vice President, Technology Strategy for DTS, he engaged in strategic planning, technical standards for the cinema industry, and company communications.


Mr Kramer joined Smyth Research LLC in 2008.




Takeo Asano is based in Tokyo and acts as liaison in all stages of the consumer licensing process.  He is the distributor for Smyth Research in Japan, Korea and Taiwan for all professional and consumer products.


Mr Asano is an entrepreneur and has worked in the professional audio market his entire career, founding and running Japanese subsidiaries Studer Revox K.K. (1982-1985), Solid State Logic K.K. (1985 to present), APT K.K. (1992 to 2007) and a liaison office for DTS (1997-2003). In 1991 he received an export achievement award from Rt. Hon. Douglas Hurd M.P. for record sales by SSL in Japan.


In 1994 he also founded AT Communications K.K. to design and install satellite-based audio and data distribution systems in Japan for commercial users.


Mr Asano has a strong technical background, graduating first from Hokuriku Electronics College, Ishikawa, Japan in 1962. He has often been involved in the successful introduction of leading-edge technologies into the Japanese broadcasting and CE markets, and has built up strong relationships with key figures in these industries. He is also fluent in English and has experience in working with professional audio companies around the world.

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